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02 Jan

A Guide to Digital Business Cards in 2022

Digital business cards will be the top systems administration apparatus in 2022. This guide will cover the advantages of going virtual, how to make a digital business card (and make it stick out), how to share your card, and that's just the beginning.

There's been a gigantic drive to make everything computerized off the beyond two years. Everything from systems administration meetings to child showers currently has a virtual choice and in the United States over 4.7 million work individuals from a distance in some measure a fraction of the time. As a result of the always-expanding dependence on innovation, schedules that regularly occurred disconnected are presently advancing toward our telephones and PCs, including training that has been around for a long time: trading business cards.

Digital business cards acquired a foothold in 2021, and are relied upon to overwhelm 2022. The times of trading one piece of paper for another (and putting it in your wallet, gone forever) are finished. Not exclusively are paper and plastic business cards destructive to the climate, but on the other hand, they're just obsolete. Digital business cards are arising as the tech-forward top choice for the two people and organizations the same.

All in all, what precisely is a digital business card? This guide will cover all that you want to know, including the advantages of going paperless, how to make and share electronic cards, advanced cards for little to average size organizations and venture organizations, and that's just the beginning.


What is a digital business card?

An advanced business card (otherwise called a virtual or electronic business card) is an internet-based method for sharing contact data. Digital business cards can be made on an iPhone, iPad, Android, or PC, and are frequently more reasonable than their paper partners. Like average business cards, electronic business cards can be altered, planned, and imparted to anybody. There are no space limitations with digital cards-you can add so a lot or as little data to your card as you'd like. Notwithstanding your typical contact data (like your name, organization, email, and telephone number) you can enhance your card with a photograph or video, a logo, web-based media profiles, identifications, PDFs, from there, the sky is the limit.


How do digital business cards work?

There are a few digital business card applications out there, and you'll have to track down the one that works the best for you. We suggest Makemyvisitingcard is an advanced business card, business card scanner, and contact supervisor website. Makemyvisitingcard allows you to make various advanced business cards with various data on each card, so you can have a card for work reaches, one for clients or clients, and one for your companions. Dissimilar to other business card applications, with Makemyvisitingcard you can impart your card to anybody, regardless of whether they have the application.

What are the advantages of digital business cards?

There are a few motivations behind why virtual business cards are the best approach. The following are a couple of advantages of going advanced:

  • ‍Digital business cards are advantageous.

However long you approach your mobile, PC, you won't ever be without your business card. Since everything is on the web, you won't ever have to stress if your card supply is low and assuming you want to arrange more. Advanced cards are likewise incredibly adaptable. Did you switch occupations, get another telephone number, or essentially make a mistake? That can be an exorbitant mix-up with paper cards. Advanced business cards permit you to alter your cards whenever, so they are modern all of the time with your most recent contact data.

  • ‍Digital business cards are eco-accommodating.

We should let it out paper business cards aren't the most naturally cognizant method for trading contact data. Did you have any idea that more than 90% of business cards are discarded after a week of getting them? Talk about squandered paper! On the off chance that everybody changed from paper to electronic cards, more than 7,000,000 trees would be saved every year. (Fun Fact: Several UN Climate Change Conference 2021 participants were in any event, utilizing Makemyvisitingcard's digital business cards at the COP26 gathering!)

Digital business cards are frequently more reasonable than their paper partners. (For Makemyvisitingcard's situation, they're free!) There's no compelling reason to pay many dollars a year on paper cards that will move discarded very quickly set aside that cash and redistribute it to one more part of your business, similar to your promoting spending plan.

‍On the off chance that you are keen on an exceptional business card insight, numerous applications consider overhauls. Makemyvisitingcard offers numerous membership plans for people with premium elements like custom URLs, colors, QR codes, and then some. Makemyvisitingcard for Business is an extraordinary and reasonable advanced business card stage for groups and associations who are hoping to change from paper to digital, yet erring on that later.

  • Digital business cards lead to consistent subsequent meet-ups.

When you get a paper business card, how would you typically manage it? The vast majority will throw it in their satchel or wallet, where's it slipped its mind and when found, very quickly tossed out. Whenever you share an advanced business card, it doesn't become mixed up in the blankness of old receipts, gum coverings, and barrettes. Advanced business cards go straightforwardly into the collector's inbox, so your new contact can undoubtedly incorporate it (and you!) into their work process. Virtual cards make following up more straightforward and more proficient, which consequently can prompt encouraging more grounded associations.

Digital business cards are contactless and can be shipped off anybody, anyplace no actual contact is required.

  • Digital business cards are contactless.

With online gatherings and virtual occasions turning into the new standard, virtual business cards are turning into a staple of regular daily existence. Advanced cards can be imparted to anybody, anyplace just send the connection over email, message, or online media. During a Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or Google Meet video call, you can hold up your QR code, and anybody in participation can examine your code and will have a moment's admittance to your card. In any event, when in-person social affairs continue, advanced business cards will stay close by because they're sans microbe and no actual contact is required.

How would I make a digital business card?

Making a digital business card is straightforward and should be possible in practically no time. To begin with, you'll have to go on the advanced business card website. With Makemyvisitingcard, you can likewise make a digital business card on your PC essentially make a record on and you'll have the option to make and alter your cards, as well as view your contacts.

When you're prepared to make your first digital business card, utilize the accompanying advisers to assist you with getting everything rolling:

Step by step instructions to Make a Digital Business Card on iOS

Step by step instructions to Make a Digital Business Card on Android

Step by step instructions to Make a Digital Business Card on a Computer


What would it be a good idea for me to include a business card?

Considering what to place on a business card? Digital business cards make it simple you can put so a lot or as little data as you need on your card and you won't ever run out of space. (Not any more attempting to pack in as much data as possible while as yet attempting to make it look fairly adequate on a 3.5x2 piece of paper!)


With regards to what precisely to place on a card, the following are a couple of things that you ought to constantly include:


On Makemyvisitingcard, you can add more than your first and last name. Add any prefixes or additions, as well as any certifications, your favored name (for instance, a moniker or the name you go by expertly, as Dr. Jones), or the last name by birth. You can likewise remember your pronouns for your digital card, so individuals will know how to allude to you.

Title, division, and friends

If you're presently utilized, incorporate your title and friend's name on your virtual card. Assuming you are right now searching for another job, you can even utilize your digital business card during your pursuit of employment.

Fundamental contact data

Remember your favored method for contact for your card, similar to your email, telephone number, site, WhatsApp, or some other connections.


Except if your actual location is essential to your business, adding a conventional district is satisfactory on business cards (for example, "San Francisco Bay Area" or "New York, New York").

Picture, Live Photo, or video

Adding an image or video to your card is significant it will help associate the "name to confront" for your contacts. Assuming that you have one of Makemyvisitingcard's top-notch plans, you can make your card much more paramount by adding a live photograph or video on your business card rather than a static picture!


Add your organization's logo to your business card. You can either transfer your own from your records or Photos or on Makemyvisitingcard-you can look for a logo straightforwardly on the website.


Individuals in profoundly directed enterprises like land or monetary administrations, focus! With a Makemyvisitingcard Professional membership or higher, you can add qualification and alliance identifications to your card.


You can add any advertising or deals security PDFs to your business card with a Makemyvisitingcard Professional membership or higher.


Adding your site to your business card is pivotal. Not exclusively does your site give your clients data about you and your business, however, it can likewise drive deals and leads.


How would I place social media on my business card?

If web-based media is essential to you or your business, you ought to remember it for your digital business card. The following are one or two choices of web-based media accounts you can add, as well as a couple of tips and deceives.


The vast majority are on Twitter nowadays. Assuming you're dynamic on Twitter, adding your Twitter handle can assist you with becoming your web-based after remembering it for your virtual card.


If you're in the innovative business, including your Instagram account on your digital card could be a method for flaunting your portfolio to possible clients.


Adding your own or organization's Facebook page to your business card can be an incredible method for remaining drawn in and associated with your crowd.


LinkedIn is incredible to remember for your card assuming you depend on it for your business, you're attempting to become your number of LinkedIn associations, or on the other hand if you're in the gig market.


Assuming you have any video content to flaunt, place it on YouTube! With a membership, Makemyvisitingcard will even allow you to insert a YouTube video on your cards. Including a video is an incredible method for assisting draw-in individuals you meet. Assuming that you're a real estate professional, maybe consider adding a video of a virtual house visit. Dealing with pitching another item? Incorporate a showcasing promotion video on your card!


Pinterest is frequently a bit of hindsight with regards to adding web-based media to your business card. In any case, in 2021 Pinterest revealed having 444 million month-to-month dynamic clients. That said assuming you have a Pinterest record and it's pertinent to your business, totally remember it for your card!

What else would it be a good idea for me to place on my business card?

Makemyvisitingcard upholds a few distinct fields, and more are continuously being added. Right now, extra fields include:

Any connection overall

Installment applications like Venmo, PayPal, CashApp, and Zelle

Talk applications like WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal, WeChat, and Line

Streaming stages like Twitch and Discord

Companion codes and gamer labels on Nintendo Switch, Xbox Live, and PlayStation

Imaginative stages like Patreon, Behance, and Dribbble









How would I share a digital business card?

Your card is customized and fit to be shared, what's going on? Sharing your digital business card is straightforward. The following are a couple of guides that cover the nuts and bolts of how to send, get, and trade advanced business cards:

Instructions to Share Your Makemyvisitingcard  Card

Instructions to Receive a Digital Business Card

Instructions to Exchange Digital Business Cards

‍Makemyvisitingcard is the most flexible business card website with regards to vehicle sharing and offers nine distinct ways of sending cards. When you have an advanced business card, utilize the style (or styles) that turn out best for yourself as well as your business. Here are the nine unique ways you can impart your card to Makemyvisitingcard:


1) Share your business card utilizing a QR Code

Each Makemyvisitingcard digital business card has a special QR code. To impart your card to them, have them check your QR code. (New to QR codes? Have them point their telephone's camera at your QR code and your card will show up). At the point when somebody checks your code, your digital business card will show up on their telephone, and from that point, they can save your card as a Virtual Contact File (.VCF). Your code never lapses, so on the off chance that you save your business card's QR code to your telephone or PC, you can print it on any advertising security. When checked, it will constantly connect back to your digital business card.

On the off chance that your image is vital to your business and a QR code is the essential way you need to share your business card, consider buying into Makemyvisitingcard Professional or Makemyvisitingcard Business. The two plans permit you to embed your logo into your QR code for ideal marking.

2) Text or email your business card

Makemyvisitingcard lets you text or message your digital business card from inside the application. Twofold tap your card to pull up the Send screen and select "Email" or "Message." You'll be incited to enter the beneficiary's name, email, or telephone number, and a discretionary message, and afterward you can send your card.

3) Send the connection to your card

Assuming you're organizing in a good way, you can share your advanced business card by replicating the connection to your card, and afterward glue the connection in an email, instant message, web-based media post, and different methods for correspondence.

‍If you anticipate sending the connection to your card regularly, you might need to ponder moving up to Makemyvisitingcard Professional or Makemyvisitingcard Business. With one or the other arrangement, you can modify the connection to your card. The connection will continuously start with the prefix "greetings hi. me/hey/" yet you can alter whatever pursues the "/."

‍4) Share your card's QR code with a virtual foundation

Whenever you're on a Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Google Meet require a systems administration occasion, a new employee screening, or a gathering with a likely client, utilize a Makemyvisitingcard virtual foundation. Virtual foundations are incredible to utilize while systems administration online-they look proficient, conceal any foundation interruptions, and keep your home hidden. (We should confront an it-an ever-increasing number of individuals are telecommuting nowadays). At the point when you make a virtual foundation, the foundation will connect to your advanced business card and a QR code will show up in the upper right corner. Anybody on the call can check your QR code with their telephone, and will want to see your digital business card.

5) Share your card with your email signature

On Makemyvisitingcard you can utilize your digital business card to make proficient email marks. With various formats to browse, Makemyvisitingcard's email signature generator will permit you to effectively make an email signature that connects to your business card. Not certain where to start? Figure out how to make an email signature.

Utilize Makemyvisitingcard's email signature generator to make a mark that connects back to your business card.

Would I be able to get my whole group set up with advanced business cards?

Digital visiting cards are turning into a typical trade for paper business cards inside associations. While there are a couple of stages out there that give business cards to organizations, Makemyvisitingcard is our top pick. Makemyvisitingcard is the main advanced business card supplier for groups and organizations, everything being equal, from SMBs to big business organizations.

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