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18 Mar

Digital business cards can also store leads data and do followups

Makemyvisitingcard’s Digital Business Card helps people share their contact details using beautiful ... card platforms professionals use to network and quickly follow up with leads. ... Share cards through text, email, QR code, or social media. a follow-up ... Makemyvisitingcard's digital business cards are a perfect alternative to paper business cards.

 Use Sponsored Content to promote company updates in the LinkedIn feed across desktop, mobile, and tablet. 

 Lead Gen Forms remove the main barrier to online conversion: forms that have to be filled out manually by prospects.

When LinkedIn members click on your ad, their profile data automatically populates a form they can submit with one click. They’ll save time and effort. You’ll get more accurate and complete information about your leads. 

 Real-time reporting in Campaign Manager makes it easy to show the value of your lead gen marketing on LinkedIn.

Use conversion tracking to measure website conversions from your ads on LinkedIn and use built-in analytics to optimize your campaigns.

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