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03 Apr

Makemyvisitingcard: The #1 Networking Tool for Sales Professionals

Deals experts know the arrangement by the day's end, numbers matter. However long you're not compromising, any apparatus that permits you to expand your marketing projections is something truly worth focusing on.

Makemyvisitingcard is an apparatus that improves the systems administration endeavors of deals experts and along these lines expands marketing projections. Deals experts ought to consider overhauling from their antiquated customary paper business cards to a Makemyvisitingcard smart business card for the reasons portrayed beneath.

Giving paper business cards to possibilities is a cumbersome interaction. Without a doubt, your plan may be bleeding edge, and it might have all of the data expected to reach out to you. In any case, what truly occurs after you give somebody your business card?

  • They toss it out (88% of business cards are tossed out in the first week)
  • They lose it (we've all been there)
  • They put it into their wallet, then, at that point, just drop it for eternity
  • They leave it someplace arbitrary, then, at that point, just drop it for eternity

The distinct truth is that in 2021, paper resources for the most part don't get it done. Individuals aren't hauling around business cardholders any longer. Some aren't in any event, hefting around customary wallets.


In any case, one thing is without a doubt they're hefting around their mobiles wherever they go, ensured.

Makemyvisitingcard permits you to consequently make a contact passage in a possibility's telephone by basically tapping your card against the possibility's telephone. It requires a brief instant and your data is saved until the end of time. In the backend, you have the choice to redo each contact field, guaranteeing your data is cutting-edge and exact all of the time.

The Digital Business Card mode is only one of four modes included with each Makemyvisitingcard smart business card. For deals experts, significantly more worth is frequently found in the Lead Generation mode, portrayed beneath.

More Effective In-Person Lead Generation

The inborn issue with one-way data trades is that you depend on the possibility to reach out to you. In deals, that is not a triumphant technique for progress. You should be proactive in your follow-up to guarantee that you close the arrangement. If you're not, the possibility might lose interest-or another business expert might plunge in.

Makemyvisitingcard assists you with making two-way data trades almost immediately, regardless of whether the possibility has its very own business card. Just set your Makemyvisitingcard to Lead Generation mode and tap your card against a prospect’s phone. This is what occurs:

  • A lead age structure shows up on the prospects' phones. (You can tweak the structure fields in the backend.)
  • The possibility finishes up their data.
  • A message is shipped off you with the prospect's data. You can click a connection to consequently make a contact field passage in your phone with the entirety of their data. The possibility's information is likewise naturally funneled into the backend.
  • A message is shipped off the possibility with your data (which you can change in the backend). The possibility can click a connection in the message to naturally make a contact field section in their telephone with the entirety of your data.

Not exclusively does the possibility get your data, however, you additionally get theirs. Performing follow-up is basic and simple, and since the possibility as of now has your name in their phone, the possibilities of the possibility of answering your follow-up endeavors increment drastically.


As may be obvious, Makemyvisitingcard is as of now a major move forward from customary paper business cards. In one-manner data trades, giving out your data with Makemyvisitingcard is essentially more proficient. Also, Makemyvisitingcard permits you to make two-way data trades such that customary paper business cards just don't take into account.

Notwithstanding, we're not done at this point. For individual deals experts and groups, one more significant element Makemyvisitingcard can be found in the backend, where robotization happens with practically no manual contribution from you.

‍As may be obvious, the conceivable outcomes with Makemyvisitingcard for deals experts are almost unending. Two different modes not discussed in this article are additionally included-Social Profile Hub, which might be useful to specific specialty sales reps, and Link to Any URL, which can be useful to show possibilities item data, demos and that's just the beginning.

Click here to keep finding out with regards to the force of Makemyvisitingcard and get your Makemyvisitingcard smart business card today.

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